LORIX OS 1.6 is available

The new version of LORIX OS is available. This update provides general system update, Ethernet over USB, location settings abstraction and some LoRa forwarder compatibility improvements on the L1. Yocto update to Dunfell LORIX OS got a general system update...

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Wifx Connect

Wifx Connect is available in Beta

The new Wifx Gateway Connectivity Service is now available to everyone in Beta. Ensuring connectivity with the gateway can be difficult in some contexts. Unstable connections, security constraints, changing environments: these are all obstacles to managing your gateways when you...

Lorix-one Wifx-connect Wifx-l1
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LORIX One Wifx L1

Wifx gateways are now qualified for AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN

Since 2020, Wifx gateways have been compatible with AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN using the Basic Station. Now they are officially compatible following the AWS qualification! With AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN, you can easily connect your LoRaWAN devices to...

Aws Lns
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Secured connections with The Things Network v3 stack

Nowadays, security is one of the core concerns for many IoT infrastructures. Real world data that comes out of monitoring is often sensitive and either a steal or a loss of data can be a huge problem. LoRaWAN takes care...

Basic Station The Things Network
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The LORIX OS 1.0 is released

At the end of last year, after a year of hard work for developing the new foundations of our operating system, we release a preview version (0.4.0) of our system to get your feedback about the lot of new ideas...

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The new LORIX OS release candidate is ready for testing!

The needs of the Internet of Things, and LoRa® in particular, have continued to grow this year. As a result, we have seen a growing need for a LoRa® infrastructure that is easy to deploy, robust and future-proof. To help...

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