Wifx Connect

Wifx Connect is available in Beta

The new Wifx Gateway Connectivity Service is now available to everyone in Beta.

Ensuring connectivity with the gateway can be difficult in some contexts. Unstable connections, security constraints, changing environments: these are all obstacles to managing your gateways when you don’t have full control of the infrastructure. However, this access is often essential, whether it is to change the configuration or to provide security updates.

To avoid the need for additional mechanisms such as VPNs or third-party tools, Wifx has developed Wifx Connect: a connectivity platform that allows you to access your gateways at any time, even in limited environments. It is configured in a few clicks from the Manager interface.

You can now create a free account supporting up to 5 gateways. To learn more, please visit the Wifx Connect page or our documentation at https://iot.wifx.net/docs/wifx-connect/. Only EU servers are available at the moment, access from other continents may be less responsive.

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