Wifx Ltd. guarantees our gateways for the customer for 24 months from the date of invoice. They are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal conditions of use and service. The warranty does not cover damage caused by mechanical, electrical or other accidental or intentional damage caused by misuse or natural damage such as wind, rain, fire, storms etc.

Before returning a damaged unit to Wifx Sàrl, please fill in the form below with as much information as possible about the problem and the MAC address of the gateway. You will be given an RMA number.

Wifx Ltd. does not offer repairs for products outside the warranty period.

Out of warranty or non-warranty units sent to Wifx Ltd. will be returned to the sender at the sender’s expense. If the customer has not arranged for the return of these units within 12 months from the date of receipt, Wifx Ltd. will have the right to destroy them.

Make sure you identify the problem to be sure that the gateway is not working. In case of sending a functional gateway, the customer will have to pay the return shipping costs and 50 CHF/gateway for laboratory tests.

Relevant information

The equipment returned for repair must be unlocked of all passwords. Otherwise, the gateway will be reset to factory settings.

Only send the defective equipment. Please keep accessory components such as power supply, POE injector, etc. This will reduce transport costs.

Return form

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