The LORIX OS 1.0 is released

At the end of last year, after a year of hard work for developing the new foundations of our operating system, we release a preview version (0.4.0) of our system to get your feedback about the lot of new ideas we had.

Many of you tried it out and gave us very valuable feedback that allowed us to make this new system even better. We’d like to thank you all for your participation in the development that allows us today to say:

We’re pleased to announce the v1.0.0 release of the LORIX OS! 

Many points of your feedback have been integrated, so this release both consolidates what was proposed at the end of last year and brings some new features. Despite some changes, the systems are fully compatible and you can update your gateways running the preview version with the update system!

You can find the full release note on our online documentation.

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