LoRaWAN® allows building managers, owners, tenants and service providers to view building functions remotely and ensure that all building elements are working in harmony. More proactivity, less urgency to deal with.

Some practical examples of application:

  • Monitoring of temperature in basements/common areas
  • Monitoring of humidity levels
  • Monitoring of electricity consumption
  • Monitoring of ventilation flow
  • Analysis of building integrity
  • Detection of possible leaks
  • Entry/exit monitoring

These examples are just a few of the possibilities offered by the LoRaWAN® network. Our integrator partners will support you in all your IoT projects.

The benefits of Wifx gateways

Small and discreet, the Wifx L1 can be easily installed in a building’s technical room to be forgotten. For outdoor use, its IP65 protection and robustness ensure excellent longevity over time and against damage.

The operating system LORIX OS offers multiple control interfaces (REST API, SSH) allowing you to integrate it into your ecosystem for automated maintenance. For large deployments, full integration can be achieved by customizing the operating system to your needs.