Wifx Connect

With Wifx Connect, you can connect to your gateways anytime and anywhere they have Internet access.

Wifx Connect

This will allow you to easily connect to it with the LORIX Manager to maintain it.

Simple configuration

Registering a gateway on Wifx Connect is as easy as a few clicks. The procedure is simple and secure and can be done by anyone, allowing quick installation of the gateway by unqualified personnel.

Getting Started
Registration procedure available in LORIX Manager GUI

Global access

Connecting the gateway to Wifx Connect does not require any prerequisites, if it has access to the Internet, you can connect to it from anywhere in the world with your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Universal connectivity

From the Wifx Connect interface, you will be able to connect directly to the LORIX Manager on your gateway, but you can also open a remote terminal to perform advanced command line tasks if needed.

Wifx Connect
Wifx Connect Gateways list view

An MQTT connector allows you to interface third-party tools or machines to your gateways for strong integration into your ecosystem.

Enhanced security

Wifx Connect uses an encrypted channel and users authenticated by state-of-the-art cryptographic processes. The established architecture guarantees the isolation of gateways between organisations, but also allows sharing of gateways with other users if necessary.

This allows you to collaborate on gateway maintenance between integrators, IP network operators and LoRaWAN network operators. This way, you no longer need to share common accesses with the risks that this represents.

Wifx Connect is currently in Closed Beta and will soon be available to all. If you wish to access the evaluation program, you can contact us directly.