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AlfaIOT is a technology development and engineering consultancy specialising in IoT. We simplify for you the analysis of the data that sensors generate.


B METERS srl operates as an independent and specialised company at national and international level in the water and heat metering sector, providing the market with a wide range of complete and integrated solutions.
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BARANI DESIGN Technologies

At BARANI DESIGN Technologies, we manufacture innovative weather stations and weather sensors for professional and domestic use. Product highlights include the patented helical radiation shield design, the elliptical anemometer, the MeteoWind® anemometer and the MeteoHelix® personal weather stations. We strive to make professional measurements affordable.
Guayaquil – Matriz
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With over 40 years of experience, we have positioned ourselves as leaders in implementation, connectivity, innovation and service development to deliver advanced technology, being integrators of voice, data and video platforms.
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ADW Messtechnik GmbH

Your specialist for monitoring, measuring and visualizing the condition of road surfaces, supporting structures and air quality.
Milnsbridge, Huddersfield
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Alliot Technologies Ltd

We are the leading distributor of IoT solutions in the UK and Europe. We work with a variety of key partners around the world to bring you the best of LoRaWAN, LPWAN cellular and IoT solutions.
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Alpha-Omega Technology GmbH & Co KG

The core business of Alpha-Omega Technology GmbH & Co KG is the development of IoT solutions and the distribution of IoT hardware for LPWAN networks. Together with our partners, we provide companies from all sectors with functional IoT solutions and support our customers in their projects.
Chasseneuil du Poitou
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The objective of ch2i is to accompany the company or the community in the appropriation of new technologies and to initiate a continuous improvement process.
Connected Things

Connected Things

Sensational Systems Limited is a small business based in sunny Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in 2014, we design and manufacture IoT devices and electronic and mechanical gadgets for businesses large and small.
Rossens FR
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Elvexys Condis Group

For over 25 years, Elvexys has been designing innovative and robust solutions for data management, transmission and distribution network engineering in Europe.
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Gridsmart Ltd

The GridSmart team is made up of highly experienced practitioners and operators in areas critical to the production of focused and objective knowledge. We have a proven track record in providing information detection, monitoring, analysis and assurance services with supporting technologies.
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Hellas Digital

Our mission is to forever change the way people work, think and communicate. We have worked with the world’s leading companies to deliver cutting-edge technology to our customers.

IoT Open

IoT Open puts your business at the forefront of IoT development with built-in flexibility to adapt to any application.
La Conversion
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Irriga Global

Our goal is to provide our customers with an effective, efficient and easy-to-use irrigation management service that meets and exceeds customer needs and expectations, always in synergy with the environment.


Build your carrier-grade LoRaWAN® network with LORIOT and unleash the poLORIOT is a global IoT company, founded in Switzerland in 2015, with the mission to enable long-range IoT solution deployments in every corner of the globe (and even space!).
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Dnet-Distribution is a brand of NIM Wave s.r.l., which operates as a distributor of professional wired and wireless data communication equipment for the realisation of innovative telecommunication solutions that meet the needs of telecommunication companies, system integrators and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs)
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We provide you with field sensors and technologies to help you understand and make sense of your environmental conditions. You can generate unique data on soil conditions and climate change on your farm, while communities can track public use of facilities and infrastructure.
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Founded in 2014 in Geneva by wireless industry veterans, OrbiWise develops advanced technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. Our team has a strong engineering base, with extensive experience in the wireless industry and a wide range of skills.
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Otto Wireless Solutions

Otto Wireless Solutions was founded in 2010 by Barry Culligan and Chris Viveiros to provide comprehensive support for RF and wireless products.


We build networks between countries and people. We create communications for work and for life. We are here to make the network fast, reliable and secure.


The world firstLa première plateforme au monde pour les réseaux LoRaWAN™/LPWAN professionnels et les projets IoT pour la ville intelligente ou l’industrie 4.0. Rentable Haute disponibilité et évolutivité.
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Since its foundation in 1995, Retronic GmbH has been an independent, technically oriented distributor of electronic components with a team that has over 30 years of experience.


We are a professional (custom) supplier of sensors, tracking and tracing systems that allow you to monitor, control, track and locate objects.
By using several technologies, our solutions work in places and situations where other systems fail.
Lacu Sărat
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We design and implement building management software (BMS) for medium-sized and enterprise building automation projects.

Stinson ITS

Stinson ITS is committed to the continued growth, use and integration of intelligent transportation technologies to save lives and promote sustainability across Canada. We are proud to be associated with the best technology providers in the ITS field to bring you exceptional products and services.

Teleservice Skåne

We have everything you need to communicate with the world. Fast and stable internet, a wide range of TV channels and convenient phone solutions.

The Things Network

We are a global collaborative Internet of Things ecosystem that creates networks, devices and solutions using LoRaWAN®.


For more than 35 years, the name Thermokon has been synonymous with the development of intelligent buildings based on engineering, innovation and quality “Made in Germany”.
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Vestitel BG JSC

Vestitel provides high quality connectivity services in Bulgaria, Greece and surrounding areas. Their customers are among the largest telecommunication companies in the world as well as regional operators and business customers.
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ZENNER IoT Solutions

ZENNER IoT Solutions is a specialist in the development, installation and operation of IoT solutions and LoRaWAN infrastructures.
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OPS Australia

OPS Australia provides innovative and cost effective ag-tech solutions for all your property management needs.

OPS offers smart integrated solutions built to work in outback conditions that can monitor and control anything on your property with a low total cost of ownership.