LORIX OS is a stable, secure and reliable operating system created and supported specifically for our LoRaWAN® gateways.


LORIX OS provides intuitive ways to install, maintain and monitor your gateway simply and efficiently.

  • Secure, reliable and transparent remote update system
  • Responsive web interface for smartphone, tablet and computer
  • Free choice and configuration of LoRaWAN® server
  • Advanced LoRaWAN® forwarder management and monitoring
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The LORIX OS framework, tools and documentation are designed and created to help integrators make the gateway a reliable and sustainable part of their end solution.

  • Easy and secure integration, automation through a REST API using the OpenAPI specification
  • Full access to system configuration and tools through SSH
  • Standard and proven embedded tools
  • Comprehensive ARM® toolchain for compiling additional applications
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The standardised LORIS OS system image creation system allows you to adapt the result at all levels to suit your needs.

  • Fully open and customisable image creation system to create your own system image
  • Ability to integrate your own applications and tools into the image to create a gateway for your specific needs
  • Intelligent Yocto project-based construction that allows you to sustain your business over the long term without losing time
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