LORIX OS 1.6 is available

The new version of LORIX OS is available.

This update provides general system update, Ethernet over USB, location settings abstraction and some LoRa forwarder compatibility improvements on the L1.

Yocto update to Dunfell

LORIX OS got a general system update with this new version as it’s now based on the Dunfell version of Yocto. This will improve the overall quality and security of the onboard tools and add some new features to advanced users and to developers. The Linux kernel was also updated.

Ethernet over USB

When you connect to LORIX One or the L1 to your computer with the USB cable, it will now create a new network interface on your computer from which you can access the gateway. Simply access and you will have access to the LORIX Manager. A great way to easily commission the device in your office before installing it in the field.

LoRa forwarders improvements

The LORIOT forwarder is now available for the L1 directly in the base image. Other L1 forwarders have received minor adjustments to maximize compatibility with the LORIX One.


As usual, you only need to go through the OTA update to get the latest version (channel “latest”). You can find the complete list of changes and system images for download on our online documentation iot.wifx.net/docs.

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