LoRaWAN® technology helps you to optimise your city, from power consumption to waste management and constant analysis of the proper functioning of all services offered to the population, all while using a minimum of energy.

Finally, you have a technology that operates over very long ranges (up to 15 kilometres) and penetrates buildings perfectly.

Some practical examples of application:

  • Assessment of the filling status of the dumpsters
  • Assessment of the number of available parking spaces
  • Analysis of the use of the lighting network
  • Analysis of humidity levels, CO2, ambient volume, radiation
  • Analysis of water quality

These examples are just a few of the possibilities offered by the LoRaWAN® network. Our integrator partners will support you in all your IoT projects.

The benefits of Wifx gateways

Small and unobtrusive, the Wifx L1 can be easily installed in demanding urban environments thanks to its IP65 protection level and time-tested durability.

Powered and connected by a single standard RJ45 cable, it allows for quick set-up without the need for complex manipulation. The simplicity of use of its web interface allows it to be quickly configured without any special skills.

With its fully open system, you can connect the gateway to any LoRaWAN network, including community networks such as The Things Network or Helium, to provide the necessary services to your internal departments as well as to the public.