Welcome to the LORIX One official documentation!

This documentation will give you all the details you need about the LORIX One.

Before you start

Software version

The firmware of the LORIX One has received a major update in 2020: LORIX OS. Please read carefully the Firmware versions page if you are not aware of this.

If your gateway has the legacy firmware:

If your gateway has the LORIX OS:

  • and you want to setup the gateway, check the Setup guide.

Where to start


If you need to install (physically) and setup your gateway, please follow the Setup guide. It will show you the minimal steps needed to configure the gateway correctly.Once you've set it up and running, please read the User's guide.


If you need some technical details regarding the gateway, you can check the Specifications page.


You can find some additional content, like the user manual and other documents in the Downloads page.

Where to find help

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the documentation, we would be glad to help you. Contact us using our contact form or our ticket system (registration required).

Help us to make it better

If you find any mistakes in the documentation or you think you found a bug, please use our contact form or our ticket system (registration required).