Any LORIX One running the legacy firmware can easily be updated to the LORIX OS.

This upgrade process does not preserve the device configuration. You will have to backup your configuration before upgrading and restore it manually after the upgrade.

Once upgraded to the LORIX OS, you'll be able to use the powerful integrated system upgrade feature for the next updates.

There are two ways of upgrading to the LORIX OS:

  • The LORIX Programming Tool
  • The LORIX Remote Upgrade Tool

Migration guide


Before starting the upgrade, please backup the following legacy firmware files:

The LoRa packet forwarder configuration

  • /opt/lorix/clouds/packet-forwarder/global_conf.json
  • /opt/lorix/clouds/ttn/global_conf.json
  • /opt/lorix/clouds/mp-pkt-fwd/global_conf.json

The network configuration

  • /etc/network/interfaces


Once upgraded, configure the LORIX OS using the LORIX Manager web interface.

LORIX Programming Tool

It's the standard utils to flash a system image into the LORIX One.
It can be used to program the LORIX OS or any compatible system image directly to the internal memory.

It requires the USB access but is quick, easy and secure, that's the preferred method.

Since it uses the USB access, there is no risk to lose the connectivity with the LORIX One. In addition, a possible power outage during the upgrade process is not a problem since you can restart the process as often as you like.

More information

LORIX Remote Upgrade Tool

This is a new tool that we developed for installation where the LORIX One is not easily accessible through USB.
It allows you to remotely upgrade the LORIX One (through the network).

However this method has some drawbacks and should be used only if really required.

More information