The LORIX One does have two different firmware:

  • The legacy firmware
  • The LORIX OS

What is the difference?

The legacy firmware is a Linux system that is shipped on the gateway since 2017. You configure it mainly through SSH and the Command Line Interface.

The LORIX OS is an improved firmware that has a new architecture supporting On The Air updates and provides a web interface to configure the gateway in a very convenient way. Is is the successor of the legacy firmware since 2020 and has deprecated the legacy firmware.

Frequently asked questions

For which firmware is this documentation?

You are currently on the LORIX OS documentation. For the legacy firmware version, please click here.

Which one is on my LORIX One?

The gateway is now shipped with the LORIX OS but you may still find LORIX One with the legacy firmware until end of 2020. A notice inside the box informs you that the LORIX OS is installed.

If you don't know if it was updated, you can try to connect to the web interface through your web browser by typing the IP address of your gateway (it must be directly accessible). If you don't get the interface, access the gateway through SSH and the welcome message will show either "LORIX One" (legacy firmware) or "LORIX OS".

I have the legacy firmware, can I upgrade to LORIX OS?

Yes. Any generation of LORIX One can be upgraded, please go on with the setup guide.

Is the legacy firmware still available?

Yes, you can still reprogram the gateway with the legacy firmware. However, the legacy firmware will not get updates anymore.