LORIX OS is the Operating System of the Wifx LoRa Base Stations.

An intuitive, versatile, stable, secure and fully customizable software that will help you connect your objects, grow your network and complete your solutions.

LORIX OS has replaced the LORIX One legacy firmware since 2020. Read more.

To find instructions, please move to the User's guide.


  • Reactive and intuitive web interface compatible with PC, smartphone and tablet
  • Command line interface equivalent if it’s your preferred taste
  • Simple choice of the LoRa® forwarder among:
    • UDP Packet Forwarder based on the Semtech packet-forwarder
    • BasicStation
    • ChirpStack Gateway Bridge
    • LORIOT packet-forwarder
  • Management and monitoring of the forwarder to ensure maximum uptime
  • Secure and reliable remote system update
  • Performance diagnostic and anomaly tracking tools


  • Easy and secured integration and automation through the HTTP REST API
  • Complete access of the system and underlying tools
  • Standard and recognized embedded tools
  • Complete ARM® toolchain to compile new or custom applications


  • Fully open and customizable build-system to generate your own system image
  • Ability to integrate your own applications and tools into the final image to create custom gateways
  • Smart architecture based on Yocto that allows you to maintain your system for the long-term without waste of time