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Essential improvements

The full changelog is available below.

Wifx L1 support

This release mainly focuses on adding support for the LORIX One evolution, the Wifx L1.

You can find more information about the Wifx L1 on our new website :


LORIX OS 1.5.0


  • Wifx L1 support
  • [LOR-514] Display product info in motd


  • [LOR-510] Serial-based default hostname for L1
  • Update Helium gateway-rs to Alpha 26
  • [LOR-518] Upgrade ChirpStack Gateway Bridge to v3.13.3
  • [LOR-515] Update Manager GUI to v0.12.2


  • [LOR-516] RU864 concentratord config cannot be parsed (only 7 multi SF channels)
  • [LOR-517] Use SX1302 ID as gateway-id in LoRa Basic Station for L1

Manager GUI v0.12.2


  • Convert ANSI color codes to HTML in forwarder and system logs


  • Fix CSUB forwarder CSCD settings display