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This update fixes a few issues introduced by 1.6.0 and adds extra ChirpStack UDP Bridge compatibility for the L1.

ChirpStack UDP Bridge compatibility

The UDP Bridge has some minor change in the Semtech UDP protocol implementation to be compatible with some forwarders that are not exhaustive enough towards the protocol specification.


LORIX OS v1.6.1


  • [LOR-568] Update ChirpStack UDP Bridge for Semtech UDP defect implementations compatibility
  • [LOR-569] Update Helium gateway software to 1.0.2
  • [LOR-570] Update manager to v0.15.1

Manager v0.15.1


  • [MAN-411] Cannot set location from CLI when no location defined at all

Manager GUI v0.15.1


  • [MAN-412] Cannot update/change network profile