The Programming Tool is available for Windows 7, Windows 10 and Linux (minimal configuration details).



For 32 bits version click here.

Others versions and changelog

You can find older versions of the programming tool and the full changelog here : Programming Tool Versions.


You have the choice of either the Setup version who will install the application or the Portable version.

During the setup, you can either install the application for all user or for yourself only. If installing for all users, you need administrative privileges.

The downloaded .AppImage file is an executable application. You may be asked to install the software automatically on some systems.

You may need to set the application as executable before you can start it.

Programming-Tool Executable.png

Or run the following in a Terminal:

sudo chmod +x /path/to/programming-tool/lorix-programming-tool-1.0.6.AppImage

The application must be run with elevated privileges to access the USB peripherals. If not, you will get a permanent warning at the top of the application. To start the application with administrative privileges, open a Terminal and run:

sudo /path/to/programming-tool/lorix-programming-tool-1.0.6.AppImage


The program will automatically check for newer versions at start. You can manually check for updates in the 'about' menu.