The Basic Station from Semtech LoRa Basics™ is a second generation packet forwarder that allows to connect to a LoRa Network Server (LNS) in a robust and secured way.

We recommend using the Basic Station over the UDP Packet Forwarder when supported by the Network Server and the connection is not metered.

Meter connections

The Basic Station data transfer protocol is JSON. This type of data protocol uses a bit more bandwidth than binary data. If you are using a metered connection, please check the data usage.


The Antenna type must be set before configuring the Basic Station

The Basic Station has two main configuration parts: configuration and network server.

Configuration and Update Server - CUPS

The configuration server allows you to dynamically update the LNS configuration. Please refer to the Basic Station and your network server provider documentation to know how to use and configure CUPS.

The CUPS configuration is not mandatory.

The Basic Station CUPS protocol has nothing to do with the printer CUPS protocol.

LoRaWAN Network Server - LNS

The Network Server will handle the gateway LoRaWAN packets. Please refer to your network server provider documentation to know how to use and configure LNS.

The LNS configuration can either be set statically through the GUI / CLI but it can also be updated dynamically if the CUPS is configured.

Basic Station configuration

The Basic Station configuration it automatically defined regarding the region and the antenna type. You should not change this configuration.

The station configuration is located at /etc/opt/lora-basic-station/.