Welcome to the LORIX OS official documentation!

This documentation will give you all the details you need to use, integrate or develop for, the LORIX OS.

It is composed of three distinct parts that target each a different type of the LORIX users:

  1. User's guide
  2. Integrator's guide
  3. Developer's guide

The documentation grows in complexity as you get in the latest parts, so don't miss too many steps if you don't feel comfortable or you might get lost.

User's guide

If it's the first time you use a LORIX, you should start with the User's guide to start learning the basics and how to fully configure the gateway with the easy to use tools provided by the operating system.

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Integrator's guide

If you have many LORIX and have to handle a whole ecosystem, or if you integrate the gateway in you own solution in an automated manner, you will be interested by going on with the Integrator's guide. It will show you the different ways you can configure the gateway, using for example the HTTP REST API, and how to deploy your own software on it.

The Integrator's guide will be soon available!

Developer's guide

For advanced integrators and software developers, the Developer's guide shows all the power of the build system.

The Developer's guide will be soon available!

Download area

You can find more documentation, tools and releases in our download section.

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Where to find help

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