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We are glad to release LORIX OS v1.1. This is the first release bringing new features to the LORIX OS.

This release focuses on network related configurations, mainly bringing OpenVPN configuration to the Manager GUI to make it simple to register the gateway to a VPN server.

Essential improvements

The full changelog is available below.

OpenVPN support

You can now easily add an OpenVPN connection by simply importing the .ovpn configuration file into the Manager GUI.

Routing configuration

With the introduction of the VPN, it comes now essential to be able to configure network routes. You'll find an updated connection settings form that includes routes configuration for remote subnets.

Notification center

A new notification center now centralizes all the notifications of the GUI, making it easier to diagnose configuration problems.


LORIX OS v1.1.0


  • [LOR-410] Add 3 and 5dBi antennas hardware files


  • [LOR-408] - Update UDP Packer Forwarder to v5.0.3
  • [LOR-409] - Disable fake GPS report by default for UDP Packet Forwarder
  • Update NetworkManager to 1.22.14
  • Update Manager to v0.9

LORIX Manager v0.9.0


  • [MAN-313] Add 3dbi and 5dbi antennas
  • Add checkpoint rollback



  • Only send fetched properties of connection / device through API


  • Network related object properties name in API serialization (IP4AddressData, Checkpoint, IPv4Route)

LORIX Manager GUI v0.9.1


  • [MAN-314] Add 2020 copyright year
  • [MAN-315] Change antenna label from 'dbi' to 'dBi'

LORIX Manager GUI v0.9.0


  • Notification center to check the past notifications
  • [MAN-313] Add 3dbi and 5dbi antennas
  • [MAN-193] Show serial and MAC address on forwarder config pages
  • [MAN-62] Configure network routes per connection
  • [MAN-247] OpenVPN support


  • Improve profile settings editor ergonomic
  • [MAN-310] Validate user input in network configuration form


  • [MAN-311] Port not reused when not default (cannot do NAT port forwarding)
  • [MAN-294] NaN % displayed in forwarder statistics
  • [MAN-297] Don't let Release notes empty

UDP Packet Forwarder v5.0.3


  • Always parse fake_gps
  • Do not read lorawan_public from hardware config