Content of the kit

The WHR-L01-M01 Kit contains the following parts:

  • 1x WHR-L01-M01
    Stainless steel extension support for indoor/outdoor mast mounting
  • 2x m3x6 dome head screw
    Stainless steel screw with T10 torx matching

Choice of plastic or metal fastener left to the user

We let you decide what type of fastener you prefer to use and that is why we do not ship plastic or metal fasteners in the kit because every user and installation are different.

Required tools

To install the WHR-L01-M01, you will need the following tools:

  • 1x Torx T10 screwdriver
  • Depending on which type of fastener you prefer to use, you could need also:
    • cutting pliers to cut residual plastic part for plastic zip tie
    • screwdriver adapted to your metal fastener

Installation instructions

Professional product

The LORIX One and the WHR-L01-M01 are intended to be installed and used by professional people.
These installation instructions are not focused on the installation of the mast itself nor the fixation of the WHR-L01-M01 to the mast.

Attach the support to the LORIX One

The WHR-L01-M01 is intended to be fixed on the LORIX One before any installation on the mast.
The first step is to install the support on the back of the LORIX One.

Use a torx T10 screwdriver to screw the two dome head screws at the back of the LORIX One (compatible model including the nut inserts):

Be careful to fix correctly the two screws ensuring the support is not moving. Strength of screwing should be correctly adapted to avoid on the contrary any pullout of the metal insert from the plastic body.

Attach the LORIX One to the mast

As previously mentioned, the choice of the fastener is left to the user, plastic or metal type can be used freely.
Be careful however to choose the right quality product which fit your requirement. 

In case of plastic tie and outdoor usage, always use UV protected plastic ties as originally shipped with the LORIX One.

Final control

As with any installation, be sure to properly manage the installation of the Ethernet cable to ensure that the entire system is waterproof.

A common method is to create a loop of cable under the LORIX One and secure it properly to the mast to ensure that any water stagnation remains below the cable grommet and that there is no mechanical stress on it.