The extension support family is a new set of support for the LORIX One.
They are made of stainless steel and are laser cut which guarantees a high quality and durable product to support your LORIX One in all weather conditions.


The WHR-L01-M01 is designed for mast mounting and allows the use of plastic or metal ties indifferently and without any limitation.


The WHR-L01-W01 is designed for indoor wall mounting and focuses on discretion.

It's destined to be used for wall mounting without strong mechanical constraint and has the advantage of being very discrete.
If you need to install your LORIX One in outdoor situation, under strong mechanical stress such as wind, please consult the WHR-L01-W02 which is more suitable for this purpose.


The WHR-L01-W02 is designed for outdoor wall mounting and focuses on robustness.