Content of the kit

The WHR-L01-W02 Kit contains the following parts:

  • 1x WHR-L01-W02
    Stainless steel extension support for indoor/outdoor wall mounting
  • 2x m3x6 dome head screw
    Stainless steel screw with T10 torx matching
  • 2x DUOPOWER Fisher plastic wall plug 555005 5x25
  • 2x 4x30 wood dome head screw
    WIROX Steel screw with T20 torx matching
  • 2x m4/12 flat washer
    Stainless steel flat washer

Required tools

To install the WHR-L01-W02, you will need the following tools:

  • 1x Torx T10 screwdriver
  • 1x Torx T20 screwdriver
  • Drilling machine and concrete drill bit in case of fixation in concrete

Installation instructions

Professional product

The LORIX One and the WHR-L01-W02 are intended to be installed and used by professional people.
These installation instructions are not focused on the installation of the fixation of the WHR-L01-W02 to the wall.

Attach the support to the wall

The WHR-L01-W02 is intended to be mounted on the wall first, then the LORIX One to be mounted on it.

Following that, the first step is to drill one of the two hole, put the plastic wall plug and screw the first screw using the torx T20 screwdriver. Do not forget to add the flat washer between the head screw and the surface of support.
Once the first screw in place, mark the position of the second hole and repeat the operation for the second screw. The final result is showed as follow:

Vertical alignment

Thanks to the oblique holes of the support, you can easily adjust the vertical orientation of the support.

Attach the LORIX One to the support

You can now screw the two screws using a torx T10 screwdriver as showed (compatible model including the nut inserts):

Final control

As with any installation, be sure to properly manage the installation of the Ethernet cable to ensure that the entire system is waterproof.

A common method is to create a loop of cable under the LORIX One and secure it properly to the mast to ensure that any water stagnation remains below the cable grommet and that there is no mechanical stress on it.